Which Treatments Are Effective Against All Pests & How

Pests are the brutes in your shelter and if not treated on time can lead your family and your pets to a bitter experience. If you think only your family lives in your house then think it over again! Numerous pests are aiming to reside with you very much. Be it a variety of ants or ‘spiders and cockroaches’ or ‘moths and silverfishes’ or ‘termites and flies’ or ‘bugs and rodents’ or ‘mice and snakes’ and on and on all love your home equally as you do.

Grandma’s golden rules to shoo away the pests 

  • Installation of nets in windows and ventilators
  • Hinging additional net doors next to main doors
  • Keeping kitchen clean and dry
  • Fixing leaking taps on time
  • Vacuuming and dusting the house at regular intervals
  • Creating pets area away from the personal rooms, hall and kitchen 
  • Changing bed linens and other cloth covers in routine
  • Never forget to declutter your entire territory that is outer + inner zones 

Various pests that can be nesting around you 

SilverfishesDragonfliesBird liceHouse Fly

How to choose the right pests-killing professionals?

  • A professional who can offer a complete inspection of your building and come up with combined monetary packages.
  • An expert who can offer plans to prevent pest infestations
  • A professional who can control the infestation of pests effectively and later or sooner completely remove the infestation.
  • Who can provide emergency services (like in case of heavy infestations)
  • Who can offer after-service inspections and second stage treatments (if required) at nominal charges
  • It will lighten your worries if they can offer deep cleaning services along with pest control services.
  • Also, last but not the least, go for the ‘customer ratings’ selection criteria. 

Treatments for all the pests 

  1. Residual Spraying – Correctly said IRS – Indoor Residual Spraying – this involves coating the walls and surfaces of a house with a residual insecticide. This is an effective method that helps to kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, wall insects and ants that come in contact with these sprayed surfaces.
  2. Gel baits – These are the tempting insecticide formulations mimicking food to the pests. Pests swallow it mistaking it for food and live almost about 24 hours, during which they go back to their colonies and share the insecticide with their fellow nesties. Just for an example, a single roach that has eaten the gel bait can kill 40 to 50 other roaches.
  3. Fumigation – This is one of the vastly used techniques. A chemical cloud of smoke is blown out which kills many pests and rodents. Fumigation not only kills the live infestation but all the stages of growing insects which includes eggs, larvae, pupa and yes adults too. So this gas releasing technique within an enclosed space has come out to be a very efficient technique. 
  4. Fogging This is based on aerosol technology, that is suspending very fine solid particles or the tiniest liquid drops in the air. It is done through blowers which suspends the pesticide in the air for longer. Sometimes hot vapours are used as carriers, along which spray is transmitted on the desired area. It is very effective on hidden and hard to reach surfaces.
  5. Electric-field traps – These keep a check on the physical entry of pests. This is based on electrostatic engineering which plays around the free electrons. Insects entering a static electric field will gain free electrons and will become positively charged. Now, these electrified positive insects will be instantly and strongly attracted to the insulated conductor. This attraction between insect and conductor is inseparable.
  6. Thermal pest control Thermal pest control follows an eco-friendly process of evicting pests. High temperatures ranging between 135°F to 145°F (or 57°C -63°C) is created through specialized devices to exterminate the pests. This technique is very effective on bed bugs as well. People who are allergic to chemicals or have infants or even pets prefer to choose this heated technology. This is not done just by turning on the heating device in your suite, rather it is done by the professionals with specifically designed equipment having rods, rigs, fans, thermometers etc. 

Make your dwelling pests free with professionals

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